Q&A on Care Management

What does a Geriatric Care Manager do?

Our role as a geriatric care manager is to be your advocate as you navigate the complexities of the senior industry. At our first complimentary meeting, we take time to listen, understand your needs and the needs of your loved one, and come up with a care plan that best suits the criteria.

Do we have to meet regularly with you?

No. You can hire us for a one time consultation where we conduct an individualized personal care assessment, gather senior resources appropriate for your loved one and then provide you with their contact information. Alternatively, we can guide you along the way with coordination of care services, periodic monitoring/follow up of senior care and ongoing assistance as needed and requested.

Do you accept referral fees?

No. The elder care professionals that we refer out are individuals/companies in Minnesota that we have come to know and trust in the senior industry. We do not accept any bonuses from them for referrals.

How often will I get billed?

We bill for our care management services every two weeks and our statements are itemized so you know exactly what was included in the hourly rate. Our hourly rate and any travel time are described on the "Fees" page within this website, or you call to inquire about our geriatric care management services. We also work off of a retainer system and all of our fees will be transparent to you on the bills. MN Senior Care Partners only accepts private pay reimbursement.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Communicating with our clients and their Care Team is a high priority for us. This may include medical personnel, family members, friends, financial fiduciaries, conservators, guardians and other team members that the client has given us permission to communicate with. MN Senior Care Partners utilizes in person visits, phone calls and emails to communicate, based on your preference or need. We will not initiate any service without your knowledge and prior consent.

What are the benefits of using a GCM?

Below are some of the benefits of using a Geriatric Care Manager:

1. An increased level of independence for seniors through coordination of personalized services.

2. Centralized communication for families who have long-distance caregivers and/or members out-of-town.

3. Dramatic reduction of miscommunication and stress for both the senior and their caregivers related to inadequate services and uncertainty about the future.

4. Cost savings by finding the most appropriate services for the senior's needs and eliminating duplication of services or services that are no longer needed.

5. Increased clarity of medical and health care options based on insider's knowledge of the health care delivery systems. 

6. Peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable, compassionate and trust-worthy advisor is on your side.

7. An objective viewpoint from a seasoned professional 

8. Highly trusted community referrals.

How do you know that you need a Geriatric Care Manager?

When caregiving for an aging family member becomes overwhelming, it may be time to contact a geriatric care manager if:

a) The senior you are caring for has limited or no family support.

b) Your family has just become involved with helping the individual and needs direction about available senior services.

c) The person you are caring for has multiple medical or psychological issues.

d) The person you are caring for is unable to live safely in his/her current environment.

e) Your family is either “burned out” or confused about senior care solutions.

f) Your family has limited time and/or expertise in managing your loved ones’ chronic care needs.

g) Your family is at odds regarding geriatric care decisions.

h) The senior you are caring for is not pleased with current care providers and requires advocacy.

i) The person you are caring for is confused about his/her own financial and/or legal situation.

j) Your family needs education and/or direction in dealing with behaviors associated with dementia.

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