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Is you parent admitted into a hosipital or under "observation"?

Read the latest news on how Medicare is trying to save money by denying "official" admittance to your loved one.

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How to choose the best options for Long Term Care

Read how Care Mangers can help seniors coordinate care and support families in the process:

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What to expect from a Geriatric Care Manager

Read why you and your family may need an expert in your corner!

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Professional Geriatric Care Managers Recommend 7 Strategies to Overcome Older Parents' Resistance to Accepting Help

When you feel your aging loved one isn't accepting help, here are some ideas

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Elder Care Consumer Resources

Here is an excellent list of senior care resources to review

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When is it okay to lie to your aging parents?

NAPGCM Releases Survey Findings on Sensitive Family Topic of the “Fiblet” - should we do this to our parents?

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Are your loved ones declining cognitively?

Geriatric Expert's Advice: How to Make Difficult Decisions When Your Loved Ones Mental Capacity Is Failing?

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Do you find it difficult to have a family discussion about elder care concerns?

Read this article on How to Talk to Loved Ones about Difficult Family Issues

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MN Senior Care Partners is in the news!

Aging in Place: How can you make this happen safely and successfully? CIC Midwest News Spring Edition printed our suggestions (p.22-23)

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How do you convince a loved one to move into Memory Care?

Most older adults can stay at home with services. However, if the senior cannot pay for care, or if family doesn't want to do the caregiving themselves, then moving may be an option.

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