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elder careThere is an extensive lineup of elder care professionals available to your loved one in the Twin Cities area. This is the good news. The challenging part is it's hard to decipher who has the best quality of service with so many senior care companies and individuals in the marketplace.

Caring for aging parents is challenging...we can help you sift through these options and identify which geriatric care options are the best choices for you and your family by:

Conducting an Individual Evaluation

No two families' needs are the same. We tailor our recommendations to your situation by creating a specific plan of care to minimize any frustrations or concerns you may have and maximize your peace of mind and satisfaction with where your loved one is at.

Home Care Consultation

Arranging Services / Implementing the Care Plan

This can include:

  • Determining if staying at home or moving to a senior care community is the best option
  • Locating the most reliable, trustworthy elder care services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul for staying at home
  • Selecting a Home Care Provider, going through rates, hours of service, service agreement and providing occasional or ongoing wellness checks
  • Learning about the continuum of care, finding a Minnesota housing community (independent housing, assisted living, memory care / residential care homes, nursing home care, hospice) and creating a plan to move your loved one
  • Locating other senior community services to provide more care options, different eldercare support services as various other Geriatric Care Management needs arise
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Coordinating Sporadic or Frequent Home Visits

If your hectic schedule doesn't permit you to have as much hands on care as you'd like, let us be your eyes and ears to provide support and peace of mind that everything is going smoothly. We can conduct "surprise" drop in home visits or regular, ongoing check-ins with your older loved one and provide a written or verbal report as to how things are going. It's reassuring to know someone else is in your corner ensuring the best possible senior care is occurring in their Minneapolis home.

Home Health Care Services

Completing Short Term Consultation

Many times adult children, or other care professionals supporting seniors, just need some initial guidance and they can do the ongoing work themselves. If you would like us to educate you and provide research around your elder geriatric care options, we'd be happy to do so and then you can take it from there. We can then be available to monitor and reassess their care plan as needed.

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Implementing Long Distance Advocacy for Your Loved One

Managing your senior loved ones' care long distance can not only be daunting but also confusing when you don’t know the best senior care services available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Let us be your trusted Care Manager / Aging Life Care Professional in the Twin Cities to provide a direct link between you, your loved one and the elder services they are receiving. We can provide regular updates, video conferencing or conference calls when appropriate.

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Medical / Navigational

Services may include: care coordination among client and providers or facilities, attending appointments, asserting client rights, providing client resources about diagnoses and treatment options, record-keeping and communication with family when desired.

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Billing and Claims

Review of medical billing for accuracy, redundancies, negotiation and possible reductions; plus assistance with insurance claims processing and approvals.

billing and Claims

Transitions / Housing Placement

Could include transitions in/out of hospital, assisted living, skilled nursing, nursing home, adult family home or other placement; including home with or without care.

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Outlining Legal and Financial Issues

While we are not a legal or a financial expert, we can direct you to professionals in the industry who can start creating the necessary legal paperwork that should be in place including a Medical POA (Health Care Directive), Financial POA (power of attorney), Will, Trust and other financial/estate planning options. MSCP can help you understand the basics of these documents and explain why you need them and when.

We’ll also cover how to pay for care including private funding, Long Term Care Insurance, VA Aid and Attendance Programs, Medicare and Medicaid/Elderly Waiver programs.

If your goal is to keep your loved one out of a nursing home, we will do our best to outline all options for your aging parents so you understand the costs, alternative housing options and what to consider when making this important decision. Keeping aging parents at home is usually the most sought after option.

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Educating You on Advance Directives

HCD (Health Care Directive), POLST (Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) and Five Wishes are all important documents to look over and determine both what your personal decisions are and what intensions your loved one has expressed. We’ll explain the differences between all of them so you can start making informed choices.

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Facilitating Family Care Conferences

Balancing family, Caregiving and everyone's expectations or needs can be very challenging. We can help facilitate these tough conversations to help family members understand the issues at hand, to voice concerns and answer questions. Having each family member's opinion heard is important and as a neutral moderator we can many times move things along more quickly to create mutual groundwork because we're not connected familiarly to the situation.

Family Care Conferences

Providing Advocacy at Various Appointments

We can provide incidental transportation and oversight at doctor visits where we can take notes, advocate for the senior and report back to you as to what occurred. We can also accompany your loved one to other appointments in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and assist with other requests as they arise.

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End of Life / Life Care Planning

Helping clients understand and plan for transitions and end of life including advance care directives, burial/cremation, hospice services and others.

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Pain Management / Palliative Care

Helping clients ensure that their pain is managed appropriately, whether the health issue is short-term, longer-term or end of life.


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