End of Life / Life Care Planning

End of Life / Life Care Planning

Helping clients understand, plan for transitions and evaluate end of life decisions including advance care directives, burial/cremation and hospice services is another way Health Care Advocates can support your family.

It’s natural to be scared, nervous and in denial when end of life issues arise. Patient Advocates help families understand their care options and lead them through the process as seamlessly as possible.

Wondering what are the benefits of Hospice Care? Read on:

  1. Hospice can be provided wherever you choose to be. It can be in a hospital, but most people choose to have the assistance at home or in a local hospice house. Many want end of life care where it’s most comfortable and relaxing, rather than an institutional setting.
  2. The goal of this care is to control and reduce pain while increasing comfort. Many people will be on your team to make this happen: doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, home health aides, clergy, friendly volunteers, pet therapy visitors, etc.
  3. Family anxiety is eased as someone is on call and available 24x7. They offer your loved one whatever they may need from their favorite food, to companionship to their preferred music.
  4. Hospice provides a chance to die with dignity. You won’t hear loud beeping machines and busy hallways. You won’t be poked, prodded and won’t undergo invasive procedures to prolong life. Comfort, peace and a sense of calmness will replace all of that.
  5. Your financial burdens will be lessened. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances cover the cost.

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