Senior Advocacy Services

Senior Advocacy ServicesCompleting Short Term Consultation

Many times adult children, or other care professionals supporting seniors, just need some initial guidance and they can do the ongoing work themselves. If you would like us to educate you and provide research around your elder geriatric care options, we'd be happy to do so and then you can take it from there. We can then be available to monitor and reassess their care plan as needed.

Implementing Long Distance Advocacy for Your Loved One

Managing your senior loved ones' care long distance can not only be daunting but also confusing when you don’t know the best senior care services available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Let us be your trusted Care Manager / Aging Life Care Professional in the Twin Cities to provide a direct link between you, your loved one and the elder services they are receiving. We can provide regular updates, video conferencing or conference calls when appropriate.

Providing Advocacy at Various Appointments

We can provide incidental transportation and oversight at doctor visits where we can take notes, advocate for the senior and report back to you as to what occurred. We can also accompany your loved one to other appointments in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and assist with other requests as they arise.

Educating You on Advance Directives

HCD (Health Care Directive), POLST (Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) and Five Wishes are all important documents to look over and determine both what your personal decisions are and what intensions your loved one has expressed. We’ll explain the differences between all of them so you can start making informed choices.

Facilitating Family Care Conferences

Balancing family, Caregiving and everyone's expectations or needs can be very challenging. We can help facilitate these tough conversations to help family members understand the issues at hand, to voice concerns and answer questions. Having each family member's opinion heard is important and as a neutral moderator we can many times move things along more quickly to create mutual groundwork because we're not connected familiarly to the situation.

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